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Some Frozenbusiness processes are frozen in time and seem to only change at a glacial pace, this represents the reason a lot of organizations have used the HCG Business Process Mapping (BPM) courses to develop the skills needed to deal with processes in their organization. These courses are designed for organizations who appreciate the need for change to occur quickly.

The value of consistent, well-designed processes will make life easier and improved for staff as well as customers. The value is not just measured in financial terms, but also in; quality of performance, the ability to scale the organization, standardized best practices, and alignment between staff and how work gets done.

 Who is this for?

Not only did I find the content very beneficial (including templates and practical example sheets) but I was also impressed with the ability of the facilitator to leverage information and examples based on his extensive experience with clients. I found answers to questions on how to apply course content across different cultures, industries and across different points of a consultant’s career. I would definitely look out for more courses from Harvard Computing.
Noha Shaban, Project Manager and Organizational Development Consultant
The course content is designed for individuals and consultants who want to be part of a team to harness the power of processes within the organization. You don’t need to be a business analyst, project manager or specialist to attend these classes. They are intended for ANYONE who wants to quickly learn BPM best practices and use these skills immediately.

What makes these courses different?Quantity vs. quality

The HCG BPM courses have been designed based on hundreds of training engagements and projects over 20+ years. The courses are full of the “actionable” material, best practices and tools you will need to begin your project quickly. The full set of courses can be delivered within 2 working days; minimizing disruption to your work schedule and keeping costs down. If you decide to do this online, then each course is completed in 2 hours, making your total time investment only 8 hours to gain the encapsulated experience of hundreds of projects and training programs.

This will be the fastest way to start a project, no matter the size; big or small.


All HCG training, consulting and software products are based on finding the simplest way to communicate, analyze and improve processes. The Simplified Process MethodTM is the centerpiece of this approach; the process roadmap to illustrating each element needed to discover, document, analyze, improve and manage your process. All documented to the task level.

It can be applied to any method currently in the marketplace including; Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, ISO and industry specific best practices. Any Project Management methods can also be applied using these principals including PMBOK and PRINCE2.

Which courses to choose?

The table below provides guidance for which course to choose for your organization. Recommendations for pre-requisites are included.

Course Selection Matrix

Skill desired Prior skills required Course recommendation Tools required
Learning about process mapping None BPM 101 Internet access
Documenting existing processes Some process mapping knowledge BPM 102 Internet access and drawing tools
Analyzing processes Process mapping and discovery knowledge BPM 201 Internet access
Improving processes Process mapping, discovery and some analysis knowledge BPM 202 Internet access
BPM Business Analyst Certification All skills above ALL ABOVE On-site class. Drawing tools

Harvard Computing offers a number of Training and Consulting programs to help organizations get their process initiatives rolling. In addition to the online courses outlined below, we also offer on-site training and consulting programs.

Process Capture
Online $199/person

Learn to Analyze Processes
Online $199/person

Learn to improve processes
Online $199/person