Strategic Consulting

Since 1994 Harvard Computing Group has offered strategic consulting services to help organizations change direction or accelerate growth significantly.

Business Plan Development and Go To Market

HCG has  created extensive Go to Market Plans and strategies for fast growing organizations, resulting in dramatic shareholder value increases and two successful IPOs for Navisite and Vignette.

Raising Capital

Consultants have been involved in creating business development plans that have raised almost $100 million since 1999, primarily for start up businesses in the IT sector.

Board Advisory Services

Advisory Services are offered to clients including consulting and Board Membership dependent on needs.

Government and Not for Profit consulting

In addition to requirements definition for non-profit organizations, HCG has been extensively involved in the development of country-level IT planning and growth for IT outsourcing. For example, HCG wrote the initial plan for IT outsourcing for Egypt with the cooperation of the government, industry consortia and USAID. Further extensions to this contract resulted in Eygpt attaining the #9 rank in trusted IT outsourcing on a worldwide basis.

HCG has participated in other development projects funded by USAID in Tunisia and Jordan.

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