Client References

This represents a small segment of the outstanding references HCG customers have become.

“From the first moments of our association with HCG we recognized the breadth and depth of their knowledge in the not-for-profit community. We have come to rely heavily on their judgment and recommendations. Their systems and process knowledge are first-rate, their people skills are exceptional and their ability to manage every detail of a project is outstanding.

It is indeed a pleasure working with such professional and dedicated people. From owners to consultants, HCG is a ‘class act,’ and we feel fortunate to have had them assist us through this most important phase of our infra­structure development. I highly recommend them, without hesitation or reservation.”

Larry Moreland,, VP of Finance and Administration, The W. T. Grant Foundation
“HCG does understand the process and nuances of research application processing. They also have a base in understanding human nature regarding change and are therefore skillful in getting the information needed from the correct players. This group is also good at helping facilitate the change in an organization.”
T.J. Koerner, PhD, Director of Research Information Management, American Cancer Society
“The Harvard Computing Group has provided us with outstanding consulting services: insightful, accurate, timely, cost-effective, and responsive.”
Marshall Lichtman, Executive VP Research & Medical Affairs, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
“As a result of their work, we had a much better understanding of our internal processes, saw opportunities for improvement that we hadn’t seen before, and have implemented a knowledge management system that has truly moved our work forward. In the first four months we saved dozens of hours of staff time because we could now locate and reuse documents, easily find people in the organization with specific expertise, and avoid redoing tasks we’ve done before in another office.”

“Harvard Computing Group repeatedly demonstrated their grasp of the big picture across our 22-country operation, their understanding of issues of importance to not-for-profit organizations, their knowledge of technology, and their ability to work with diverse groups of people. They met and exceeded every objective we set for them and we look forward to using their services during the next phase of the project.”

Jamie Chua, Program Officer, The Asia Foundation
“This project was especially challenging and HCG played a crucial role in ensuring a successful outcome. We had to be very flexible and continually adjust our thinking and re-shape the project design to accommodate new ideas. HCG helped us to navigate this challenging course, offering important guidance on the technical and management issues, and keeping everybody on the same page.”
Thomas Parks, Regional Program Officer, Information Technology, The Asia Foundation
“To help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visualize the benefits of online collaboration, HCG created an impressive product demonstration that simulated the experience of using the eRoom Virtual Embassy. The demo accurately showed how eRoom would address MOFA’s specific requirements and goals of enabling the worldwide team of Economic Attachés to work more effectively together.”
Linea Rowe, Director, Hosted eRoom Operations, Documentum
“HCG has worked with me in three companies over the last eight years with excellent results every time. In a Channels implementation project for Fulcrum Technologies they went beyond the normal design effort most consulting firms would perform and actually helped us successfully “burn in” the new Channels processes. Our second project with them was a strategic market assessment for NaviSite, a startup company that needed to focus into specific, targeted markets in order to gain sales traction in our early stages.

Finally, Harvard worked with my current company to both develop and implement a Product Management process in a company that had operated by a seat-of-the-pants approach. In each of these engagements, Harvard’s work product was outstanding and their commitment to seeing the projects through to complete implementation was invaluable.”

Andrew Sherman, CEO of WebEvent
“I have seen my share of so-called requirements specs from clients and consultants. I must say with complete sincerity that the Requirements Specification prepared by the Harvard Computing Group [for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society], was the first time my development team did not have to redefine every phase of a spec.”
Craig Lamb, President, Pullano Mastrella & Lamb, Inc.