Process Improvement Training


Learn How to Improve your Existing Processes

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The objective is to learn how to plan and deliver a process improvement program from a proven framework. Students will learn specifically how to run a process improvement workshop in the context of an overall framework comprising discovery, analysis and improvement.

BPI Framework

Specific Goals (Outcomes)

  • Understand the purpose of Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  • Learn a repeatable proven framework for BPI and organizational change based on improving processes
  • Be able to facilitate a BPI workshop
  • Learn to identify Business Support Materials required for implementing Future State processes


  • Online: 2 hours
  • On-site: 4 hours

Course Structure

This course is offered in two formats: online and on-site. The online course is instructor led webinar. The on-site course is instructor led and includes practical exercises for required for successful certification. Courses are available to the public by signing up at or in the training section of our website.


Michael J. Cunningham

Scott A. Helmers


Segment 1: Business Process Improvement (BPI) defined and key terms.

Segment 2: BPI framework overview and project timeline examples.

Segment 3: Planning and Preparation. Objectives, input and outputs, and project responsibilities.

Segment 4: Gathering business requirements and creating the business vision.

Segment 5: Running a Business Process Improvement workshop. Key agenda items, consensus building, reviewing existing processes.

Segment 6: Technology awareness. What it is and why it’s important.

Segment 7: Guidelines for setting and agreeing goals.

Segment 8: Identifying key performance indicators.

Segment 9: Capturing the future state process.

Segment 10: Developing business support materials.

Segment 11: Managing the framework.

Segment 10: Review and Q&A

Textbook and Course Materials

Couse materials will be delivered online prior to the online course instruction. These include:

  • BPM 202 Process Improvement (PDF format)
  • Exercises and test materials for certification course.

Course requirements/prerequisites


Tools required

  • Internet access to courseware.
  • Connectivity to browser with Cisco WebEx plug in.


Each participant of the online course will receive a Certificate for completion and participation in the course.

On-site students will be assessed throughout the course and receive certification for Business Analyst if all 4 courses in the certification process and exercises are completed successfully.

BPM 101 – Fundamentals of Process Mapping

BPM 102 – Process Discovery and Capture

BPM 201 – Process Analysis

BPM 201 – Process Improvement