Process Analysis

Once a process has been documented it’s time to see what can be improved. With a huge array of methods in the marketplace, Six Sigma, Lean and many others, determining a consistent way of ensuring your processes are reviewed is crucial.

HCG has developed and used a four pass system of analysis simplifying the means to review and analyze areas in processes which can easily be improved.

Used on hundreds of projects, HCG also offers training on this method, on-line and onsite to ensure all members of your project will apply this consistent and simple approach to all processes documented.

How it works

By using a four step process for all analysis, each process gets the same consistent treatment. While many operations believe only the specialists should be doing the analysis, HCG does not adhere to this approach. The primary reason is the real experts on your process and operations are the team members themselves. Therefore, by giving them the means and tools to do this analysis a much more beneficial result will occur.

Analysis Process
The four areas are reviewed sequentially, not concurrently, allowing for each view of the process to concentrate on the areas relevant for area. (e.g. quality, efficiency, compliance etc.) This allows for each result to deliver the greatest potential, based on a detailed review of the criteria for each discipline.

HCG uses this “lens” concept to review each area, beginning with comprehension to make sure everyone can understand the content of the process map to begin with.

Process Analysis - Comprehension Check
This continues through efficiency, quality and compliance until complete.

Process Analysis - Efficiency Check
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