Management Team

Michael J. Cunningham (President/CEO)

Michael Cunningham is the President and founder of the Harvard Computing Group (HCG), a professional services and software organization founded in 1994 to improve processes and project management systems. He is author of four books: B2B: How to Build a Profitable E-commerce Strategy (Perseus Books); Smart Things to Know About Ecommerce (Capstone); How to Profit from the New DNA of Business (Perseus Books) and Finish What You Start: Ten Surefire Ways to Bring Your Project On Time and On Budget (Kaplan).

Since 1994, Cunningham has helped HCG clients with the development of Internet-based strategies, improving their operational efficiency, technology systems, work processes, business partnerships and distribution systems. His deep understanding of the best ways to integrate business goals, technology and more effective work processes provides a unique perspective in the marketplace, one which Harvard’s clients have been able to leverage. He is also the primary inventor of TaskMap, a Simplified Process Mapping system released in May of 2004. With over 20 years experience in the development, delivery and deployment of complex software systems, Cunningham is a sought after speaker and regularly contributes to magazines and publications in the Information Technology and E-commerce community. Cunningham also takes the lead on many of the major projects underway in the HCG client base.

Scott A. Helmers (VP Product Planning and Support and Partner)

Scott Helmers is a Partner with the Harvard Computing Group (HCG). In the past 13 years he has managed projects and consulted in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt, Ireland, Canada and the United States, working on topics as diverse as business process management, Internet technology, e-commerce, knowledge management and marketing strategies for software companies. His clients include regional, national and international non-profit organizations, as well as government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies.

Prior to joining HCG, Scott ran his own consulting business for three years. Before that he held positions in business development, product management, technical support and software development for several companies including Action Tech­nologies, Cabletron Systems, and Wang Laboratories. His first book, Data Communications: A Beginner’s Guide to Concepts and Technology was published by Prentice-Hall.

Scott is a co-inventor of TaskMap and heads the product planning and support teams, drawing on more than 30 years experience in software specification, implementation and training. In the course of designing and building TaskMap, which runs as an add-in to Microsoft Visio, Scott has become a leading authority on Visio. He regularly shares his expertise as the primary contributor in the Visio Zone at Experts Exchange. Microsoft has recognized his expertise and contributions to the Visio community by naming him a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) — one of only 13 Visio experts worldwide to achieve this status.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Roger Marino (Strategic Advisor and investor)

Roger Marino is a co-Founder and former President of EMC Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise information storage systems, software, networks and services, with more than $13.23 billion in annual revenues and 38,000 employees worldwide. Roger was instrumental in EMC’s growth, taking it from start-up to its position as a dominant force in the technology industry. Roger continues to invest in technology organizations with the potential to grow dramatically.

Marino has also pursued a number of business ventures related to his lifelong interests in technology, sports and theater. He is the former owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL team and the head of Revere Pictures, Marino has served as the executive producer of a number of commercially released films and theater productions.

Marino is a Northeastern University alumni and sits on the University’s Board of Trustees.

Sally M. Cunningham (Director and Business Manager)

Sally oversees administration and client management functions at HCG. Sally has more than 18 years’ experience in the IT and consulting industry.