ERP Process Change and Implementation

HCG offers a full complement of tools and services to help you meet the process requirements of your ERP project. These include:

  • “As is” or “Current State” process documentation services and software
  • ERP process framework and methodology to blend into your ERP project plan
  • “To be” or “Future State” output to meet requirements of your new ERP implementation
  • Training, coaching and facilitation for internal and project staff

Current State

Depending on the needs of your project, documenting the existing processes in use can crate useful business information comprising of compliance, quality and existing best practices. As many ERP systems focus on moving from manual and multi-system processes, towards integrated, paperless and automated tasks, capturing this information in process form can help the existing organization understand where they are today.

This reference point can then be used to help with the development of new business processes, by analyzing them for potential means of improvement.

HCG offers a wide range of capture techniques and services to best meet your needs including: existing documentation, interviews, questionnaires, webinars, self-capture systems, TaskMap software and tablets.


HCG offers TaskMap software to help you capture either existing or new processes in your ERP project. The system will allow users and developers alike to understand in detail what the existing and new business processes are supposed to be, without ambiguity and confusion.

The simple method used within the TaskMap software makes for a short learning curve, easy maintenance of ERP processes and electronic communication of results via the web or internal documentation systems.

See TaskMap software for more details.

Enterprise Resource Planning Framework

Each ERP project has its own challenges, and how processes are dealt with in the project creates special needs. HCG understands each company and system is different, the legacy systems and the culture of the organizational all make for a unique circumstance. For this reason, HCG teams will blend into your operation for the duration of the process capture and improvement phase of your project, training your team and delivering the “new processes” you want from the new ERP system.

Customizing the framework to meet your requirements will include:

  1. Project timeline and goals
  2. Development of pilot for scope and implementation
  3. Implementation and training
  4. Technology transfer and maintenance
Who should be involved - Stakeholders, Business owners, End users, and Subject Matter Experts

“To be” and “Future state”

Building the “future state” of your ERP business processes is perhaps the most critical decision after your technology vendor selection. Without accurate and detailed maps of what you want to have implemented, problems will occur. These include:

  • Delays in implementation
  • Changes in requirements
  • Lack of user acceptance
  • Missing or inaccurate business requirements
  • Potential efficiency errors
  • Lower Return on Investment

By developing accurate future state process maps a complete road map for the implementation phase of your project can be built. This includes:

  • Identifies areas of risk in the reengineering process and mitigates it by adjusting the approach as needed
  • Establishes a structure to allow efficient use of resources during the BPR effort (both cost and manpower)
  • Defines a consistent approach to enable the Project team to estimate work and deliver within the projected timeline
  • Reduces “rework” at the technology level by leveraging an approach that aligns with user requirements and definition
  • Outlines a standard approach to engineer all “business flows” and related detailed processes into “future state”

Training, coaching and facilitation

HCG offers a wide range of training and coaching programs to ensure everyone is on the same page linking business goals, technology and new business processes.

Our consultants are also expert in facilitation of complex business process workshops, a skill and framework learned over many years of large scale projects.

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