Process Documentation

Using cost effective remote capture methods and tools, HCG can help you capture existing processes often without a site visit. However, when the need arises, HCG consultants also offer on-site consulting for all your process documentation.

Using TaskMap and other data driven sources HCG will help you create the most effective discovery, capture and publishing stratgegy for your documents. Allowing for long term effective maintenance of interactive, web published process maps everyone can view and understand.

How it works

HCG provides a number of different options to assist with your process documentation project. Based on your location and team needs, many of our process documentation projects are done remotely.

In this scenario, we learn how your existing processes are being handled by a combination of the following strategies and tools:

  • Extracting process information from current documentation and systems. (e.g. step by step instructional materials, narrative procedures and other existing sources)
  • Discovering existing processes through on-line interviews, surveys and discussions to create “current state” process documentation
  • On-site interviews and reviews when appropriate

Once the process doucmentation has been drafted,

Cross Functional Work Boundaries
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